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Mike N. Cirino & Son, Inc.


Here are some examples of our construction projects:


Waterfall and Landscape project in Gates Mills

Hardscape project in Waite Hill

¨ Rock faced Limestone walls built to encompass parking area and establish entrance and exit ways.

¨ 2,500 sq. ft. Labyrinth design for parking area.


¨ Fountain water fills up spring and rolls along sandstone off the edge into a pond.

¨ Bed soil and plants added all along stone built waterway.

¨ Pavers installed inside Gazebo.


¨ Installed Drainage along front of house to prevent water from reaching front walk and house.

¨ Grade front slope. Seed and install erosion material.

¨ Add bed soil and several variety of perennials and plants.

¨ Install paver walkway from front door to driveway.  Rebuilt retaining walls.

Landscape and Hardscape project in Novelty

Hardscape project in Shaker Heights

¨ Natural stone walls along bed lines in front of house.

¨ Installed mixed sizes limestone retaining walls in back patio area.

¨ 900 Square foot buffed limestone patio installed in checker fashion using 4 ft. x  4 ft. pieces.



Landscape project in Richmond Heights

¨ Grade front lawn to slope toward street.

¨ Install bed retainer along front of property using two foot by one foot step caps.

¨ Add bed soil and a variety of plant material in front bed.



Project in Russell Township

¨ Install fence along back property line.

¨ Removed and Reapplied road pavers in patio area.

¨ Installed new paver walkway between railroad ties.

¨ Add bed soil and plants to area around patio.



Landscape project in Pepper Pike

¨ Removed grass and debris to create bed.

¨ Add bed soil to designated layout.

¨ Add river gravel border surrounding bed.

¨ Install plants and mulch.



Landscape project in Cleveland Hts.

¨ Excavated 20 yards of waste soil.

¨ Replaced soil to build beds.

¨ Installed wash gravel, plant material, and mulch.

¨ Create bed and installed plant material and mulch in front of building.


Hardscape project in Shaker Hts.

¨ Build tiered retaining walls with natural stone for beds and patio.

¨ Installed bed soil and plants (not shown in pictures)


Hardscape project in Shaker Hts.

¨ Excavate soil and pavement.

¨ Install paver patio.

¨ Add soil and grass seed.


¨ Install retaining wall along ramp.

¨ Install bed retainer along front walkways.

¨ Add bed soil and several variety of perennials, plants, and trees.

¨ Add mulch to beds around perimeter of building.

Landscape and Hardscape project in Downtown Cleveland

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