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Mike N. Cirino & Son, Inc.


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In 1929, Mike N. Cirino joined his father’s gardening business in the east side town of Collinwood.  Through word of mouth and reputation, the gardening business eventually grew into a small landscape company.  Mike N. Cirino became President of this company in 1957.  In 1962, one of Mike’s four sons, Nick, joined the company.     In 1964, the company was incorporated under the current name Mike N. Cirino & Son, Inc. 

  In 1969, Mike’s youngest son, Tony, started working with the company.  Mike N. Cirino retired in 1976.  Nick Cirino became President and Tony Cirino became Vice President.  With much hard work and dedication, Nick and Tony Cirino grew the business in both Landscaping and Construction.  In 1983, Nick and Tony hired Dave Monaghan.  Nick Cirino groomed Dave into the Construction end of business, while Tony Cirino continued to grow the Maintenance end of business. Nick Cirino’s son-in-law, Greg Bartram, joined the business in 1993, and Nick’s oldest daughter, DeAnn Cirino-Bartram, started working in the office in 1995.

  In 1998, Tony Cirino became President of the company.  Dave Monaghan became the head of Construction Services, and Greg Bartram became the head of Maintenance Services.  Mike N. Cirino & Son, Inc. is proud to have held some of its clients for over 40 years, and the company will continue to provide excellent knowledge and service to the east side of Cleveland for many years to come! 

Anthony Cirino, President

  Tony Cirino oversees both maintenance and construction services.  He handles job estimates and most office functions.  Tony provides over 35 years of knowledge and experience.


Greg Bartram, Head of Maintenance

  Greg oversees four maintenance crews that cover over 120 commercial and residential properties.  He handles job estimates and works with customer relations.  Greg has a BSBA in Marketing and Management from Ashland University.  


Dave Monaghan, Head of Construction

  Dave oversees our construction department.  He possess many abilities, whether it is grading a yard, working with any type of machine, installing any types of stone, or pruning delicate plants and shrubs for natural growth.  Dave’s work is frequently requested by our customers and those that learn of his work.


DeAnn Cirino-Bartram, Office

  DeAnn wears several hats in the business office.  Along with Tony, DeAnn primarily handles all accounting aspects, and she keeps the office well organized.  DeAnn has a BA in Marketing and Management from Ashland University.


Brad Budavek, Maintenance Foreman

Brad (1991) has been providing top care in lawn maintenance for several years.  He has retained his customers and continues to take pride in his work. 

About our Employees